Claim Procedure

Steps for lodging and settlement of claims :-


  • Note the number of the other vehicle involved in the accident, if any.
  • Give written information (intimation) to insurance company or email to
  • Inform nearest police station immediately.
  • The Policy issuing office may appoint Surveyor/ Loss Assessor for further process.
  • Policy issuing office or Surveyor will provide you with the details of the documents required for claim processing.
  • Submit all the documents to the Policy issuing office either directly or by an authorized Agent or by Surveyor along with documents required /asked for.
  • Surveyor will submit the report along with his remarks after completing the survey.
  • Based on the surveyor report; policy issuing office will validate all the documents. And prepare the Note.
  • After approving the note; policy issuing office will discharge a voucher mentioning the approved amount to the insured.
  • After receiving the signed discharge voucher from insured, policy issuing office will settled the claim by issuing cheque as per the amount mention in Discharge Voucher.